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Everyone around me seems to be revising and I just can't get down to it. I'm just incapable of settling down to any proper work. I was the same with all my coursework too. I'm terrible. I really do care about my exams, and I want this degree more than anything else - it's the most important thing to me. I need this more than anything because it is crucial to the entire rest of my life. So I better get on with it! =D

My brother's coming back to England a week early due to relationship problems that need fixing so my parents get extra time with him before they bugger off on holiday in the 29th (lucky parents).

Umm... Nothing else is happening really. Excited about the gig at the Blue Lamp in Aberdeen tomorrow (come along - £3. Awesome music. Probably...). Went drinking for the first time in MONTHS on Saturday, drank WAAAAAAY too much and had an argument with Puck but we got everything sorted. Apparantly. I don't remember much but everything seems to be okay! =D

Take care guys. ily. ♥