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Prized Possessions

Right - I just wanna quickly tell you all about my most prized possession and then - I WANNA HEAR ABOUT YOURS.

My Prized Possession
I tend to think I can't live without music or my laptop, but that stuff can be replaced. My most prized possession is one of a kind and there is no way in hell it can be reproduced exactly. It's a little battered, pretty well-travelled and has only been in existence for a year and a bit. Te one thing I would run through burning buildings for many of my personal items, but none moreso than The Magical Adventures of Puck and Bambi . It is a small (A5-size) black hardback book with silver handprint on the front and back. The handprints of myself (Bambi) and my lovely Puck. Inside it is a scrapbook-journal filled with photographs, ticket stubs, drawings, poems, beer bottle labels, leaves and even a plectrum! All documenting our adventures together. Mostly alone-adventures and silly little things like amazing cakes and the silly presents we make for each other. If anyone else read it they'd probably become ill from the cuteness and sickly-sweet running through it but I can't help it. My memory isn't great and the book really helps when I'm lonely or want to look back over the past 18 months. This book should last us 3 years and I hope we last as long as it. And then I hope that I buy another book in the hopes of filling that one too; I am taking this relationship one book at a time.

There you go. The one thing I refuse to let go. So, tell me guys - what is your most prized possession? It can be absolutely anything. The thing you would risk your life in a fire for (or some other risky but less fatal situation). Tell me as much or as little as you want. I just want to know. =D ♥

(Sorry for posting twice in like 24 hours, I can't sleep and I got curious about what other people hold dear. )
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a notebook I never really write in anymore that consists of tiny letters and. admissions. and heartache and heartbreak and everything I've been through...

I need to look at it again soon, actually.

that, or my rosary. yes, I have a rosary. and I fucking love it.

A rosary? Where did that come from? Slightly surprising but okay =D It's exactly why I did this. ♥
the internet. I bought it after reading IHBATU for the second time. :3 ♥
Ah, okay. That explains things. (Yes, I did just Google IHBATU but I got my answers!) ♥