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Hey guys. ♥

I'm back to being dependent on the internet 'cause y'know, I wouldn't want to spend a single moment alone with my parents.

Puck has been and gone. And we had such a lovely time. It was fantastic to see him again even if it was for such a short time!

My lovely uke was greatly admired and fiddled with. Neither of us can tune an instrument by ear so I will have to find/buy an electric tuner to tell me when I have it in tune. His uke arrived the day he left so he finally got to open it tonight and was very excited about the whole thing. Oh yeah, we have matching ukes 'cause we're just THAT cute. His is green, mine's yellow and we bought them for each other (there was really no point to that bit because we each bought and received a uke but y'know... ADORABLE).

We spent almost a whole day making Lego things. I concentrated on space stuff while he tried to make the pirate ship. It went badly - we have 3 children's worth of Lego spanning about 10 years of collecting bits and pieces in one box. Trying to find enough flat black L-shapey things was absolute hell. He got very frustrated and we eventually finished it to the best of our abilities (lots of parts have been lost over the years) and packed it up and went to bed.

We also managed to take a trip to the Oxfam Bookshop before he left today and found some nice cheap textbooks. Philosophy of Religion for him and And Introduction to Physical Geography for me! I'm very excited about finally having my first university textbook! :D

I managed to burn my arm on the shelf in the oven whilst making lunch and now I might end up with a scar that is incredibly similar to one of my mother's and in almost the same place! I have oven gloves! They don't cover far enough up your arms! D:

Oh and I finally got my letter about Geography BSc (Hons) which was pretty much just form to fill in and send in which was done in about 30 minutes. I have 20 credits more than I need and had pretty much picked my subjects out before I left Aberdeen so it was a matter of ticking boxes and finding an envelope. EEEEEE HONOURS! ♥

Hope you guys are doing well! I miss you all! ♥


is yours just a three year course? :S
Noooo. 4-years. Why?