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Sparrows&Temporary Love

So, not much has happened but I like to ramble 'cause I have no one to talk to so feel free to ignore me. ♥

I kinda forgot to tell you guys, I booked a skiing trip to Austria for December but due to a lack of interest, funds, and an easy transport route, it had to be cancelled. FORTUNATELY Puck and I might get to go to Northumbria next year instead! So exotic! But a lovely little beach holiday in a cottage in September, shortly after his birthday. At least it is something to look forward to!

Oh, btw, that's my uke. My little Sparrow. Yeah, damn straight, she's called Sparrow. I haven't played her enough recently but I've had other things going on. Mostly to do with volunteering in the Oxfam shops here in Durham. We have one the only Oxfam Boutiques in the country (I think there are only seven others) as well as having a fairly specialist bookshop. It's constant ups and downs there. Some of the other voluteers are a bit lazy but some are bloomin' lovely! We usually have a right laugh and it's been such a good experience. I was taught how to use the till today and it is So Much Fun.

I have been really digging the Tour De France. It begins at the start of July every year and runs for most of the month and it's fantastic! I've loved watching it since I was a little kid although I do often fall asleep. I hope Schleck can win it. He's so handsome. *girly giggle*  ♥ Unfortunately, the Tour finishes in Paris on Sunday (as tradition goes) but I'm travelling down to Surrey then to see Puck! It's terribly upsetting!

Been browsing for a new laptop 'cause the power supply connection on this is slowly going the distance and when I bought it I though 120GB would be big enough. It REALLY isn't. *sigh* But for a new laptop I'm gonna need about £400. D= (But Toshiba seems to be the way to go)

Oh, I've also been really digging Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame). He's insane and compulsive and a COMPLETE geek and that is exactly why I have fallen for him too... ♥ I rarely get crushes on famous people nowadays and so the past few months have been weird. There's been Matt Smith, David Tennant, Tim Wheeler, Andy Schleck, Alecia Moore, Rupert Grint and Adam Savage. Some of which are rather long crushes... ^^

Whelp, that's about all. Off to Puck's shortly. Can't wait. Happy tiems. ♥
Hope you guys are well! ♥♥♥