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So, it's about that time of year again, filled with food and drink and merriment and I'll not be joining in for most of it. I know I haven't posted in... Forever but anyway, I wanted to share with everyone the things that I have been digging in 2010.

♥ Dan le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip - Logic of Chance. I wish I'd gone to see them again this year but I was a little slow on the uptake. *sigh*
♥ Charlie McDonnell - YouTube (charlieissocoollike) guy, released his first solo album earlier this month, but I have been listening to his music all year.
♥ Chameleon Circuit - Songs about Doctor Who, a collaboration of YouTube artists including Mr. McDonnell.

♥ Moab is my Washpot - Stephen Fry's autobiography of his early years.

♥ Also, The Fry Chronicles but I haven’t managed to finish it yet.
www.johnnywander.com/ - SO SO FANTASTIC. So much so that I bought the book recently despite it all being online and free!
♥ New 28 Days Later comics made me very happy although I've only got through one of them :3
♥ I re-read ALL of the Harry Potter series in about 4 weeks this summer although it kinda ruined the new movie for me on two fairly major points but nevermind.

TV Series/Films
♥ Another new series of Qi.
♥ Another new series of Misfits
♥ Another new series of The Big Bang Theory.
♥ Cookery programmes - recently "Nigella's Kitchen" and "Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers" (I swear that man could make me drool over anything.)
♥ SHERLOCK. The BBC miniseries. It was just Fantastic at putting Holmes in the modern age. Better second time around.
♥ Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I enjoyed it. I bought the first two comics but I haven't got round to them yet.
♥ How to Train Your Dragon. I still love it. Dreamworks films were good this year.
♥ Megamind was FANTASTIC. :D I just have to ignore the fact that it's Will Ferrell but it made my estimations of Dreamworks films go up even more!
♥ I managed to watch the entire backlog of House that I had missed! :D

Everything Else
♥ YouTube in general has been fantastic to me this year. :3
♥ My first ever pay check which I totally earned and then completely spent.
♥ My new red lappy named Sherlock and my new red external HD named Watson.
♥ Sparrow, my little yellow uke. Although I'm not much further on with learning to play it.

I am sure there are MANY more things but I can’t think of them right now. So I’ll leave you with that. I hope your 2010 was enjoyable. Take care. ♥&∞