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May. 1st, 2010


Well Fuck

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Update on major events in a somewhat unusual manner coming up...

Good news - going home for summer. Starting early June as my bro is back from Oz for a coupla weeks and I gotta see that guy again.
Bad news - this means no job in Aberdeen. Still. I tried last summer. I haven't tried this year yet. I hate the thought of getting a job. Responsibility. Working. Money. Ew. No thanks. Leave me to my mountains and my sea please.
Good news - Puck and I are still together. 18 months today. A year and a half. Each of us went into it expecting a quick fling and what we have is really quite different.
Bad news - I'm not happy. But I don't know why.
Good news - Puck may be joining me at home for the first week back home. Mid-June. My parents are on holiday so no bothering us. Just sunshine, my brother (for a few days) and the open countryside. Man I hope it's sunny. I still have to take that boy round The Scrambles.
Bad news - I sprained my ankle on a fieldtrip in Arran over Easter and it's still bugging me. Puck thinks I need to do more on it and rebuild the muscle but I don't want to hurt it again because it was just so damned painful. I had sprained the other one on a fieldtrip a couple of years ago but I didn't do quite as much on it afterwards. Immediately after doing it this time I had to walk 7 miles along rocky, boggy terrain to get to the minibuses. Bloody fieldtrips.
Good news - my ear has healed after my newest piercing. Got it done the weekend after my 20th birthday. So... 3 and a half months to heal. Not bad, not bad.
Bad news - I have no money. I want to do so many things and just... can't. I really need to dye my hair soon.
Good news - I may only have two exams this term. And all my work is nearly done.
Bad news - my work is NOT QUITE DONE. And I might have three exams. And they're all in the next month. Well fuck.
Good news - Lostprophets on shuffle - Last Train Home. Awesome tune. If you ever need me sweetheart. I'd get there. So many things remind me of you.
Bad news - I barely leave my house at the moment. I usually make it into university but apart from that I have no social life beyond 3 housemates and Puck. I need to do something about that.
Good news - Iron 2 Man is AWESOME.
Bad news - due to Iron 2 Man being a digital copy, I could not see How To Train Your Dragon as they hadn't got their film version delivered yet.
Good news - we have Sky? Maybe that's Bad news. More channels. Nothing more to watch. Leave me with the Food Network Channel please. I have become addicted to Iron Chef USA (UK version is TERRIBLE.) and Food Network Challenge which is basically just four people making OUTRAGEOUS cakes in a very short space of time. I like to laugh at their misery when ultimately it all fails. And I like cake.

Enough of this good/bad news. Basically - my life (as always) has its ups and downs and I am coping with each little one as it happens. It all ends up pretty level. I've cut a lot of things out of this. Self-censorship. Ohdear. But there are just some things that I shouldn't share. You don't need to hear it.

Take care darlings. I hope you're all alright and that your lives end up level too. (Level is a pretty good state in my eyes. No big fall coming up and no depression. Just steady sailing. Or y'know... yo-yo-ing like me.)

Feb. 11th, 2010


Oh, hai!

Oh, hello there. Surprised to see me?

I haven't updated in weeks despite not doing very much. In fact, last week I spent the whole time in bed with the flu. Had Puck running after me, getting me food and going for lemonade and things. He was so good. It was a bit like living with him, just for a week and it was so lovely.

Started lectures again this week and after a lot of panicking about Easter field trip dates I FINALLY read the email right. I'm in Arran from the 1st of April until the 11th. Two fieldtrips - Field Geology and then Skills And Techniques in Geography. Research projects, presentations and lots of work. But it does mean I don't have exams for them. So just three in Summer, possibly being reduced to two if I get exemption in Environment And Society (which I'm actually REALLY enjoying). Mapping And Monitoring The Environment and Geophysics are my other subjects this semester (if you're interested). Geophys is SURPRISINGLY fun. It's amazing, I know but it's pretty easy and relevant to geography too. ♥

Umm... Yes, there is not much else going on really.

OH! SUNDAY! It's Chinese New Year! (Bet you weren't expecting that) I love Chinese New Year, just a bit unhappy I don't get a banquet this year due to being a poor studenty type. But I will be making red(-ish) cupcakes for me and Puck so we can celebrate. ♥

Well, there we go. Hope you guys are okay. *CUDDLES FOR ALL* ♥♥♥

Jan. 27th, 2010



Exams are over and done with now until May/June. Hopefully I've passed, I feel okay about most of them. I didn't do enough work and could've done better but I basically just want to pass and get that semester over and done with. Although next semester is looking an awful lot worse. Geophysics. Two field trips (which equals no Easter break ¬¬). So much geography. 2pm-6pm every day. Plus extra stuff. Yaaaay. But now is not the time to think about that - I can relax until Monday and fully intend on doing so.

I got the best smelling package today. I am aware of how weird that sounds. But it's a special Chai Tea mix and it smells WONDERFUL. Yesterday I got new (old) shoes. Vintage cream Mary Janes. They're so pretty and I love them. Still have 6 packages on the way here. ♥ Yeah, I've been spending too much money lately but who cares - it was my birthday and still had Christmas money left over.

Two of the packages are earrings for my new piercing. Can't wear them for 3 months but I don't care. PRETTY. :D ♥

Anyway, not much else to report. Hope y'all are okay. ♥

Jan. 23rd, 2010


In other news...

So my last update was a picspam and I've done a lot in the past week and not said a word about it...


And now it's today. The 23rd. I woke up with no pain at 7am and started browsing the interwebs for chain earrings which go from cartilage piercing at the top to lobe piercing at the bottom with chain hanging between them. I think they're awesome and it's the main reason why I got my helix done. Then stretched, caught my ear and was like "WTF?" - even when looking at earrings I'd totally forgotten I'd had it done. Puck says I suit it so I'm gonna take that as General Opinion 'cause I love my piercings and everyone else can just be quiet. My ears. My tongue. My body. My shiny bits of metal.

Anyway. That's that. Y'all are caught up now so I'm going back to Mock the Week and will start revising later. (Hopefully before lunchtime)

Jan. 17th, 2010


Mr. Wheeler PICSPAM.

Dearest Miss emilie_kitten did a meme and in the name of procrastination I wanted in. She picks the person and I sit and drool over photos for hours! I got the wonderful, fabulous, gorgeous Mr. Tim Wheeler of Ash. Oh how terrible!


So there you go. My personal life shall be in a separate post soon(ish) Tim's more important. ♥
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procrastinating is difficult

For some reason I can't get back to sleep. It's 6:25am and I only went to sleep at 2ish. Balls. Oh well.
Will start revising soonish as for a wonderful 20th birthday gift, I have my first (and worst) exam at 9am on the 19th. Chemistry of the Earth, 2 hours of Hell. I really need to do some work for it as I didn't understand the majority of it the first time round. *sigh*

Spent a couple of hours browsing Amazon last night, looking at silly childish things. It's my birthday soon and I'll be all old so I decided to treat myself to some rather childish things that I've been craving. Bought quite a few random things including something for tucanae's birthday (which is TODAY - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS) as my main plan won't be finished in time. Obviously the other thing won't be here in time either so I'm terribly sorry dear. ♥
There is also talk of her moving in with us (she's devlinux's girlfriend so technically she'd be moving in with him, but we're kind of a package deal) sometime so I'm super-psyched about that! It will be great to have some permanent female influences in the haus. Other than myself, obviously but I'm not so much a female influence anyway...

Aw man, I have such an urge to play with Fimo and things instead of revising. Want to sit and draw and paint and... I hate that my creativity only ever seems to come out when I really NEED to do other things. Downloading lectures so that makes up for making a LJ entry. That and it's still only 7:20am. Where did the last hour go?

I don't really have anything more to say so I'm gonna leave it at that.

Jan. 15th, 2010


bambleton bambles

That userpic still makes me feel all squishy inside. ♥

Umm... I spent two nights at Puck's. Attempted to revise, failed miserably and spent a lot of time playing Pokemon. I've spent two nights without him since I got back a week ago. Slept for a little while tonight but was rudely awoken by my flatmate and his girlfriend having noisy sex. WONDERFUL. And now I can't get back to sleep and my bed is big and empty and cold and I'm alone and... Ohwell.

Still watching Glee. It's not getting any better. Guy called Puck in it... Nothing like my Puck. But then again, who could ever be like him?

Put my awake-ness to better use though! Worked on "The Magical Adventures of Puck and Bambi". A book compiling all te special couply moments that Puck and I share. Photos, poems, drawings, post-it notes, tickets. All sorts. ♥ It makes me so happy to do it and Puck helps too. I have a terrible memory and this helps keep things special and memorable. It also helps during holidays when I miss him and get all soppy and ick.

Whelp, nothing much has actually happened recently but I am keeping my promise of continuing to update this. Not really because I'm forced to but because I like having an online sorta diary thing and it's always nice to read emilie_kitten's comments. ily guys. Thanks. For just... Reading. Or scanning. Or pretending. Or whatever. ♥
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Jan. 12th, 2010


the little things

I was up till 7am after I posted my last entry. *sigh* Was watching Glee - that terrible american thing about singing and dancing. (It's brilliant. At least there's a reason for them breaking into song every five minutes. It's so bright and shiny and satisfies my girly drama urge.) 7 episodes. Done. Ohgod I need some violence. Gimme blood!

Although the nearest to violence I'm getting at the moment is Pokemon Platinum. YAY. It's not much different to Pearl/Diamond and the changes that have been made (mostly to Gym layouts) I don't think are good changes. But still I can't get enough of the damn thing because I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause...

Yeah, I'm THAT kinda awesome. Anyway. I shall be off. Must dry off from shower and then wander for 20 minutes to Puck's. Bloody hills ¬¬

Byebye lovlies. ♥
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Midnight Rainbow Cupcakes

Hello lovlies. ♥

Well, Puck has finally gone home after coming here with me on Friday. I didn't want him to leave, especially after watching Evan play on Dead Space. *shudders* My bed is now big and empty though and the weekend is now to become a distant memory.

The title makes complete sense, I promise. Saturday night, about 2300hrs I got hungry and wanted something sweet before bed. Planned on 5-minute-mug-cake. Chocolate cake in a mug in 5mins. FANTASTIC. Got the ingredients out, then asked Puck what I was making (as he originally gave me the recipe - which I'm happy to pass on) and he said - cupcakes. Oh, better idea, I thought and we set about making cupcakes with my new sillicone cases. Pink glace icing, white chocolate chips for decoration. SO DELICIOUS. ♥

They made me so happy. ♥

Umm... Not much else has occured. May be spending undetermined amount of time at Puck's from tomorrow so replies sporadic. As per usual. ♥
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Jan. 9th, 2010



I'm back in Aberdeen. That's about all I have to say. Interesting journey... Ohno, wait, I'm lying. I slept for an hour the night before and therefore kept napping on the train. Between Dundee and the next station some guy sat on the seat opposite me (I had a table) and seemed to be watching me. Every time I woke up he as staring at me. CREEPY AS FUCK. Saw a couple of deer in the woods between Durham and Newcastle. Train was packed between those two points due to earlier trains being cancelled and people needing to commute to work/school/whatever. Umm... Set off 10 mins late. Arrived on time. Puck was there waiting for me with flowers (and the all important Sizzlers burger) ♥

Wandered in the snow today. It's so much less snowy here than in Durham and they have piles of grit lying in Seaton Park which seems so unfair when I nearly didn't make it to the station yesterday due to ungritted roads. Parts of the River Don are frozen, so are parts of the Dee. So are parts of the Wear in Durham. It amazes me. Blisters due to wellies. Not impressed. May need to unpack/tidy sometime soon. Or revise or something. *shrugs*

Hope you're okay. I miss you. ♥

(No, I cannot think of titles for journals.)

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