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So I didn't manage to get to that gig. I had what appears to be a migraine. A really bad headache and slight sensitivity to light. Apparantly it was pretty fun but I missed out. Like I do on most things in terms of university social life. But nevermind. I have fun at home with my laptop and Puck and Sky. Ah... Sky ♥

I still haven't started revising BUT I have managed to book my train tickets home. Going back on the 3rd June, getting in about 3pm on the train! Exciting stuff. Puck should be joining me on the 5th or so and my brother (who is already home) leaves on the 6th or 7th. Parents don't get back from holiday until the 12th so I get to house-sit for a while.

Might head to York for the day with Puck. Such a pretty city and there's so much to see and do! Plus it means that there is a slight chance that I could meet up with a couple of friends from school who go to uni there. Haven't seen them in a very long time and they haven't met Puck so it'd be AWESOME. ♥

Puck found out what my summer project is so I figure I can tell everyone else too. I'm making myself a soft, fluffy, squishy Night Fury (who's already been named Beetle) and then make him one too for his birthday! So far I have most of the head made for mine and I'm really excited to get on with the rest of it but I figure it's going to be easier with a sewing machine (which my mother has at home). It's gonna be the best thing ever... I hope!

I totally forgot earlier - I am exempt from one of my exams ('cause I'm just THAT good) so I only have two to do - Geophysics (Monday 24th) and Environment and Society (Tuesday 1st). But I REALLY need to do some work soon for geophys although Randall did give us some MASSIVE clues on what was going to be on the exam. I am still in the right tracks for Honours (makes it a 4 year course in Scotland) but I am SO WORRIED about my marks for my field courses 'cause I sprained my ankle on the 2nd day in Arran and couldn't do any of the geology and barely did any geography. If I do get onto Honours though, I have most of my courses for the next two years picked out. Mostly about ice and mountains and climate change 'cause I wanna be a palaeoclimatologist (looking at past climate) and work for the British Antarctic Survey. I want it SO BAD. And I'm nearly a year closer to it! 

All caught up now. Hope you're all well and having fun! ily! ♥