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Commencing in 5... 4... 3... 2... Wait, we've already started?

Yes, exams are here. Luckily I only have two. Unluckily my first one was on the first days of exams. Even MORE unluckily, I had feverish hot-cold sweats all night and ended up throwing up about an hour before my exam and it wasn't even due to nerves! I had a terrible headache but still went to the exam. Missed out a few questions 'cause I just had -no- idea, but nevermind. I'm sure it'll be fine. Next one isn't until next Tuesday.

And then a week on Thursday (the 3rd of June) I'M GOING HOME! I have made even more awesome plans for those first few days home and I'm really looking forward to it. Unfortunately as soon as Puck leaves on the 15th I'm pretty sure my summer will end up being terrible again but I'll manage. Somehow. Concentrate on making HTTYD plushies and things like that.

I hope you're all okay and that any exams you have go well. Best of luck guys. ♥