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Sorry about that rant the other day. Feeling a lot more positive about things right now.

One thing that has Massively cheered me up is the arrival of a bright shiny yellow ukulele this morning. It is a (VERY) early anniversary present from Puck and I cannot wait to learn how to play it although that is going to take a lot of time! It's just so damn pretty! I'm acting like a small child and just wanting to take it everywhere with me even though I haven't managed to tune it yet and I can't play it!

Puck is arriving shortly after 11 tomorrow morning and I am so flipping excited! I made a batch of raspberry cupcakes (which I've only tried once before but that was several years ago and in a group which was simply instructed what to do) and they turned out wonderfully! The right amount of sugar against the sharpness of the raspberries. Yum! I hope they last until he arrives as I really want to devour the lot! YAYCAKES! :D

It's still too hot here but at least it has been drizzling throughout the day. Days are getting shorter again and we are slowly moving towards autumn and I couldn't be happier about that!

Well, that's about all. ily guys. ♥ Hope you're all well.